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Title: Mesothelioma Doctor Discusses Mesothelioma Treatments
Description: As a Matter of Law: Mesothelioma Doctor Discusses Mesothelioma Treatments and the Goal of Prolonging the Life of Patients Until a Mesothelioma Cure is Found The guest for this video is Albert Miller, MD, involved with Pulmonary Medicine at Mt. Sinai Hospital and School of Medicine. He is an experienced mesothelioma doctor who has taught, written and specialized in occupational lung disease for many years. He first describes the questions that all patients diagnosed with mesothelioma first want to know: what is mesothelioma? He then describes certain mesothelioma treatments. In discussing mesothelioma, Doctor Miller emphasizes that researchers are working hard to find a mesothelioma cure, but none has been found. The most common mesothelioma treatment is surgery. New approaches to relieving symptoms and prolonging the life of a mesothelioma victims are the main focus -- until a mesothelioma cure can be found. Robert Komitor of Levy, Phillips & Konigsberg -- a mesothelioma law firm experienced in asbestos litigation -- co-hosts this segment.
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